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House Bill 12 by Rep Toni Rose will extend Medicaid coverage to low-income women from 2 months to 12 months after pregnancy.

Medicaid coverage for new Moms is limited to two months: Texas women with low incomes can get Medicaid coverage while they are pregnant, but after March, 2023 the state will cut off coverage 60 days after pregnancy, leaving new moms uninsured at a pivotal time for their health and their baby’s healthy development.

HB 12 will: 1) offer comprehensive care for new moms; 2) leverage Texas’ existing provider network;  and 3) allow Texas to draw down federal funds to help pay for care.

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Text of House Bill 12Representative Toni Rose

Support Legislation Allowing Moms to Keep Medicaid Health Insurance for 12 Months After Pregnancy (Printable Handout), Texans Care for Children

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