Houston Chronicle Opposes Texas Chapter 313 Legislation


 economic development evangelists speak of this program – once known as Chapter 313 but now House Bill 5 – with almost biblical reverence. It may not turn water into wine, but they argue it will at least turn our school property tax dollars into new jobs for years to come.

We truly wish that were true. Tax incentives done smartly can be a good deal for Texans but not when there are few protections against abuse and waste. That, after all, is why lawmakers killed Chapter 313 last session.   

Sadly, the current, revised version of the bill, sponsored by state Rep. Todd Hunter, R-Corpus Christi, simply repeats the sins of the past and, in some ways, commits new ones.

[Photo Credit: Mark Mulligan, Houston Chronicle]

Why Texas' New Chapter 313 Tax Break Is Even Worse than BeforeHouston Chronicle [pdf]

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