President of Harris Health Recognizes TMO's Strong Support for LBJ Hospital

During a May 9 groundbreaking, Dr. Esmaeil Porsa, President and CEO of Harris Health,  cited the great need for the new facilities to be built in Northeast Houston. Harris Health will build a Level One Trauma Center, a new hospital with double the capacity, and offer much needed in-patient and out-patient mental health services at the site. He said these facilities are greatly needed by “the underserved, the poor, the uninsured, the underinsured that LBJ hospital serves.”

He concluded his remarks by giving thanks for the support that the Houston Community has given to Harris Health by voting for the bonds. He stated:

"And this is why last year, over 72% of Harris county residents who participated in the general election voted YES in support of our future leaning $2.5 billion bond proposal. So I want to thank our community as well for what they have done. Today, is the start of our promises that were made by Harris Health System to our community, our patients, our employees and medical staff. I want to thank Harris County, the city of Houston, our board of trustees current and past, and all of us inside and outside the Harris Health system for their continued support.

And I do have to give special gratitude to The Metropolitan Organization who have been our biggest cheerleaders throughout this."

Groundbreaking Event of New Haris Health Hospital - May 9, 2024, Haris Health

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