Hurricane Harvey Update


Thank you for all of your calls of concern and your prayers on behalf of TMO organizers and leaders.  We are weathering a storm of epic proportions, an 800 year event!   Hurricane Harvey is surpassing ALL other flood events. Thousands here have evacuated and many, many more are being rescued and sheltered as this is being written.  Surrounding areas of Dickinson, Rosenberg, Conroe, portions of Houston, and the communities of Sienna Plantation and First Colony are under mandatory evacuation. 

Houston_-_Photo_From_Inside_Flooding_Car.jpgAs for the organizers, Willie and Maria are stuck in neighborhoods surrounded by water; Sheyda Brown is on the fourth floor of the apartment complex but water has reached on top of first floor; and Mario Duran’s car is under water and his mother had to be rescued by boat.  Elizabeth was working out of town and is not able to fly back because both airports are closed.

In the midst of this, TMO congregations and organizers are participating in and preparing for immediate and long term relief efforts.  Several of our congregations are serving as shelters and others are being added to the list of places of refuge.  So far, we we held a conference call with pastors and church leaders -- all encouraged by the opportunity to share situations, knowledge, and resources as we prepare for the long haul.  We are also in contact with the mayor’s and county judges' offices and direct service providers to coordinate efforts.

Water_Encroaches_on_Home.jpgPeople have been asking how can we help?   It will take weeks, months and even years for Houston and surrounding areas to rebound.   Entire neighborhoods are under water.  Many communities will have to be rebuilt.  Families have suffered devastating losses.   Houston will need funds for rebuilding, resettling, reorganizing communities, and sustaining families. 
In response to your inquiries, TMO has created two avenues for your donations for immediate relief and toward a strategy to rebuild after the flooding is over. If you would like to contribute to this effort please follow this link to our contribution pageAll donations made to GCLC are tax exempt. Contributions made to TMO are not tax exempt, but all funds will go toward direct service of those in need and toward a strategy to reorganize and rebuild communities. 

Thank you again for your prayers, concern and support.  God is with us.

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