TMO Calls on Governor Abbott to Overturn Concrete Crusher Permit

On Friday February 16th, TMO leaders publicly called on Governor Greg Abbott to overturn the TCEQ (Texas Commission on Environmental Quality) permit that would allow construction of a concrete crushing facility next to the LBJ Hospital.  Concrete crushers can have dire consequences for the communities that surround them including particle and noise pollution, damaged roads, and cracked windshields.  Houston Public Media warns that the risks of fine particle exposure can include "elevated levels of heart disease, stroke, asthma, cancer and other respiratory issues."

“This just doesn't make sense,” Sister Maureen O'Connell of the archdiocese told Chron. “Why are we going to do this to people who are already at risk?”

To sign the petition and voice your support, click here.

Press Conference [video]

Community Leaders Urge Greg Abbott to Reverse Permit for Concrete Crushing Plant Near LBJ HospitalHouston Public Media [pdf]

Community Organizers Ask Governor to Pump the Breaks on Concrete-Crushing FacilityHouston Press [pdf]

Houston Religious Leaders Protest Concrete Crushing Plant near Hospital, [pdf]

Religious Leaders Join Opposition Against Proposed Concrete Plant by LBJ Hospital, Houston Chronicle [pdf]

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