TMO Police Task Force Action Agenda

TMO's Police Reform Action Team is made up of clergy, lay leaders, and community members who have engaged in dozens of house meetings and research actions to identify solutions to ensure community safety and stronger relationship between community and police. Below is the Houston area Action Agenda. Sign on to our agenda today.

  • Demilitarize police training and to promote de-escalation from violence as a core tenet of police training and tactics.
  • Adopt an ordinance which funds civilian professionals with specialized training to be first responders for individuals in crisis with mental health and special needs.
  • Implement a “cite and release” policy for all Class C misdemeanors and eligible Class A and B misdemeanors.
  • Ensure beat officers participate in community-based house meetings and TMO civic academies to strengthen relationships between police and the communities they serve.
  • City Officials and Police Departments should recognize parish-based photo identification for traffic stops.
  • Implement professionally-staffed and independent police review board with the power to investigate, audit and monitor.

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