Push Back Against Proposed Changes to "Public Charge"

The Thanksgiving holiday is about coming together to share a meal as a family – but the Trump administration’s proposed change to the “public charge” rule could make immigrant families who live paycheck to paycheck choose between their meals and their families.  TMO strongly opposes the rule change because it poses threats to the health, safety, and humanity of immigrant families.

1) Learn More

Read Fact Sheet

Get the facts on what rules changes are being proposed for "public charge", including who it will impact, who is excluded, and why TMO opposes the proposed changes.  Click here or on the graphic to the right for a full explanation.

Watch Video

Click here or below for video explanation.  The video was produced by The Children's Partnership with a California audience in mind, with specific references to state programs.  However, the information is still relevant to Texans.


2) Take Action (On and Offline)

  • Print and refer to TMO's Step-By_Step Guide and then click on graphic to the right to comment on www.regulations.gov today.
  • Download and print TMO comment cards in English to send to the Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen M. Nielson. Comment cards must be postmarked by December 10th.  Coordinate with your TMO Organizer to submit your cards for mailing along with postcards from the rest of the organization.


3) Sign Up Take Charge

TMO works on immigration issues year-round.  If you care about the safety, health, and well-being of our community, sign up as a supporter of TMO's work on comprehensive immigration reform.


4) Donate

Click here to donate to TMO for their ongoing advocacy work