Sign Up and Take Charge - TMO Agenda of Issues

This year, more than ever, "we the people" need our voices to be heard. We must come together and demonstrate the importance of the issues that impact our daily lives. This agenda allows us to make sure candidates work with us to address our issues, not the other way around. With 50,000 voters strong signing this agenda we will hold our elected officials accountable for real change and not empty promises. 

COVID Response & Healthcare

  • Increase the availability of free testing 
  • Increase contact tracing
  • Expand Medicaid to families up to 138% of poverty  
  • Extend Medicaid for new mothers from 2 months to 12 months 
  • Increase federal and state funding for mental health access

Police Reform

  • Demilitarize and promote de-escalation as a core tenant of police training
  • Strengthen community policing
  • Implement a professionally-staffed police review board with power to investigate, audit and monitor
  • Explore civilian professionals to be first responders for mental health and special needs
  • Implement a “cite and release” policy for misdemeanors

Workforce Development 

  • Increase funding for Capital IDEA and programs to help train workers for new jobs 


  • Increase funding for early childhood development and Pre-K-12 public education
  • Assure all children have access to a computer, internet, and technology for education 


  • Achieve Comprehensive Immigration Reform 
  • Create a pathway to citizenship for Dreamers 
  • Issue Texas Drivers licenses for all essential workers 
  • Recognize a parish-based photo identification at the City and County level

Harvey Recovery 

  • Improve flood prevention for at-risk communities 
  • Increase funding to get home repair/rebuilding moving for thousands of families 

Will you sign?

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