Say NO to Concrete Crusher Plant Near LBJ Hospital

Tell Governor Abbott, your State Senator and State Representative to overturn the TCEQ permit allowing a concrete crusher to be built next to the LBJ Hospital Campus. 

Sign below to voice your opposition or download a letter and ask your congregation members, family and friends to complete it telling Governor Abbot to deny a permit to build the plant. We only have until April 8 to change the decision.

TMO Clergy and Leaders organized a press conference around this issue on February 16.

Press Conference
Community Leaders Urge Greg Abbott to Reverse Permit for Concrete Crushing Plant Near LBJ Hospital, Houston Public Media [pdf]
Community Organizers Ask Governor to Pump the Breaks on Concrete-Crushing Facility, Houston Press [pdf]
Houston Religious Leaders Protest Concrete Crushing Plant near Hospital, [pdf]
Religious Leaders Join Opposition Against Proposed Concrete Plant by LBJ Hospital, Houston Chronicle, [pdf]

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